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Alan: “So did you get to meet Matt? Is he nice, ‘cause he’s a North Hampton boy, he’s from North Hampton where I grew up.” 
David: “He’s lovely. He’s a very nice chap, indeed. Yeah. And I’m told he’s doing very well, which is annoying, no, I’m really excited.” 
Alan: ”Oh, come on. You don’t want him to be too good.” 
David: ”Oh but I do, though. ‘Cause the thing is, I’m such a sort of fanboy about the show that I just want… Oh, there he is, look.” 
[picture of Matt and Karen pops up on the TV screen] 
Alan: ”It’s like a young you and Catherine Tate, isn’t it?” 
David: “It is.” 
Alan: ”Why do they love gingers? They do, don’t they? No, they do, for like, helpers, that’s what it’s called on Doctor Who - helper? Carer?” 
David: ”That all works, yeah.” 
Alan: ”Why do they go for a ginger all the time?” 
David: ”I have to say, I think gingers are unfairly discriminated against in this county.” 
Alan: ”My brother’s a ginger.” 
David: ”Do you discriminate against him?” 
Alan: ”Yes, all the time.” 
David: ”Of course.” 
Alan: ”Well, he calls me a bender.” 
David: ”But it’s not… it’s the last acceptable prejudice.” 
Alan: “You’re right.” 
David: ”I don’t understand why we’re… I think gingers can be - look at Catherine, look at Karen - gingers can be gorgeous!” 
Alan: ”Yes! Julianne Moore.” 
David: ”They’re gorgeous! Gorgeous! Ow!”

David said I was gorgeous ^__^ *fangirlgigglesqueal* <3

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